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Instructions for cooking Chinese herbs

Cooking instruction of Chinese herb tea for general chronic conditions.

1. Use only a clay or glass pot with a cover. If not possible, use stainless steel pot.

2. Put the one bag of herb into the pot, add around 1000 ml cold water, boil, then simmer it between 40 to 50 min.

3. Take the herb tea (liquid) out of the pot and divide it into 2 drinks. It is supposed to get herb tea around 300ml and 150 ml for each drink. If you get herb tea more than 300ml, just divide it into 2 drinks this time and add less water when you cook herb tea next time.

4.Drink herb tea twice per day, around 30 min before meal or after meal in the morning and evening. Warm it before you drink it. Do not drink cold herb tea.

Chinese Raw Herbs
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