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Help Labor Naturally with Acupuncture

I was so happy that my patient had a natural easy birth several days ago. She was afraid that she might had a delayed birth as her sister had a birth 7 days past due date. She heard that Acupuncture could help with this. So she came to see me 2 days before her due date and did Acupuncture twice (once a day). She went into labor the day after she saw me and had a beautiful baby.

I do not remember how many people come to ask for help with labor naturally with Acupuncture since I came to Canada. But I do remember the first one. Her mom was seeing me and her mom ask me if I could help. She had a very delayed birth and prolonged birth before. So she was looking for some help to get delivery easier. She did not show at the third appointment and later that afternoon her mother phoned and said she went into labor. A week later her mom told me she had a natural easier birth.

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