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How To Take A Picture Of Your Tongue

In Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, we analyze how your tongue looks. We look at the color, moisture, shape, veins, and ‘geographic’ areas of the tongue to help us assess what areas of your body need the most help. Here’s how to take pictures of your tongue to help us. 

  1. Simply take a picture of your tongue sticking out of your mouth.

  2. On extension of you tongue it should be done naturally without excessive force. Don’t “point” your tongue out. Let it fall out like a dog that is panting. This allows me to see the natural shape of your tongue

  3. Take them in natural sunlight i.e. by the window or outdoors (Do it in the shade, not let sunlight directly on). This way I know that I’m getting the most accurate color.

  4. Take two pictures:
    One of the bottom of the tongue, so place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and open your jaw as much as possible.
    One of the top of your tongue, with your mouth wide open and tongue sticking out (so that I can see all the way to the back of the tongue). Don’t stick the tongue out for too long before you take the picture, or it will dry out the coating. 

take a tongue bottom picture
take a tongue top picture

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