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"I have a rare and difficult to treat neurological disorder. Willa has fussed over me many times, her kindness and compassion have been a blessing to me. She relieved my pain and is the main reason I am currently in remission from this horrible condition. She is knowledgeable and skilled."


-Jennifer Forster


"A very sweet and kind lady, in 20 minutes she took away pain in my foot which had become unbearable. I am so grateful, and glad that this amazing healing is available."

-Vivien Tarkirk-Smith


"Willa has a very kind and compassionate manner and is also extremely knowledgeable. She has been incredibly helpful for months for both my daughter and me in combatting our migraines. She can not only stop a migraine that has started, she has really reduced the incidence of migraines. Willa is very thorough and is always checking to see whether the treatments are working. She has greatly improved our quality of life. I would wholeheartedly recommend Willa Wang to anyone because of her professional expertise and lovely manner."


 -Sarah Marshall

“I’ve had knee pain for years because of arthritis and injuries. The acupuncture treatments I have received have really greatly reduced the chronic pain and therefore reduced the medications that I take. It’s great to have pain management alternatives.”

- Peter Wood


“Willa is great! After my first visit with Willa, I feel a lot better. We are addressing some specific issues. She answered all my questions, and we talked about things I didn’t think mattered, but which all plays a part in a persons’ well being. Give it a try!”

- Brandi Cardell

“I had insomnia for many years. Most nights I would go to sleep, wake up at midnight, and then stay awake until morning.

I tried herbal therapies and acupuncture.  I began to feel moderate relief. After two or three weeks treatments. I have had significant improvement.”

- Rosie Prince

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