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How Acupuncture and Chinese herbs Help Cancer Patients

There is no doubt that no other methods have more power to kill cancer cells than surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for now. However, the powerful methods are so strong as to be a big burden to our body. As a result, we experience discomfort after treatment, our general health condition that includes organ functioning, body resistance, immune functions, self-healing power and so on are lowered after treatment.We are easily get sick or our body cannot prevent itself from cancer coming back.These are the limits of those methods.

What Chinese medicine can do for people with cancer is :

(1) to improve the body's ability to fight cancer, to relieve complex symptoms by general tonification with herbal prescriptions or acupuncture. It can replenish the blood and qi, fortify the organs and resume the yin yang balance of the body. It is also a prepare for surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and make them more effective.

(2)to reduce complications that arise in conventional therapies and increase the body's tolerance towards radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Studies have shown that many tonifying herbs have the ability to promote lymph cell production, activate the actions of T cells and phagocytosis, elongate the life of antibodies and increase the ratio of cAMP/cGMP.

(3)to relieve the pain. Acupuncture works well for relieve pain from cancer.

Of course, we may attack the cancer cells directly with specific herbs. But Chinese medicine is more effective in helping people with cancer cope with surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In a word, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can make people with cancer have a better quality of life.

In addition, "treatment according to syndrome patterns" is the premise for all clinical applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM syndrome patterns are diagnosed from a full complexity of symptoms and dynamic balances of the patient, and they provide guidelines for physicians to select appropriate treatment method(s). So, we don’t treat people based on diagnosed by western medicine. This is the difference between Chinese medicine and western medicine. This also means that the herbs you will take will vary according to your symptoms and your general health condition.

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