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Menopause Syndrome

Case 1: Female, 48 ysd

Hot flashes for 3 months.

Her period was stopped 6 months ago and hot flashes started 3 months ago. It is really frequent but no sweat. she feels like holding a fire. Before menopause, she had sleep problem for many years and took sleeping pills to help. At that time, she was not able to fall asleep with the sleeping pills and woke up very often. Accompanied with this condition, she had fatigue, neck & shoulder stiffness. She tried black cohosh for hot flashes but did not help. Other condition: acid reflux, had Bowel movement quite often; Iron deficiency, taking Iron pills about 7 months now which make loose stool; urine's frequent with light yellow color. Also, she had lot of stress for about 2 months and lost weight.

Pulse: fine, string-like and rapid, left pulse is weaker than the right. Tongue: pale red tongue with thin yellow coating.

This is Qi stagnation with blood deficiency. she is open to herbs, so Acupuncture and Chinese herbs together to treat her condition.

Acupuncture: baihui, hegu, neiguan, shenmen, xingjian, taixi, taichong, sanyinjiao, yinglingquan, yanglingquan

Herbs: Xiao Yao San 100g, Danpi 10g, Zhizi 10g, Longgu10g,Muli10g,total 140g, 5 spoons/2/d, 30 min before meal.

Second visit:

2 weeks later, she came back for second visit.

Hot flashes gone and can sleep now. seek the treatment for her shoulder.


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