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Digestive issues

Cases 1: Female, 14 ysd. Slow BM with abdomen pain for 2 years, worse recently.

BM slow, take long time to empty, with abdomen pain, loose stool. pain before BM, during and after BM. don't want eat because afraid of going to bathroom in school.

Urine right after drinking water, dry mouth, drink warm water. late period with pain. pain before and go through all period. cold feet and hands with sweaty hands. sleep Ok, sleepy in the morning, anxious in the evening, but can go to sleep.

pale and large tongue, with thick and greasy tongue fur in the base of the tongue. pulse's fine and weak.

Phlegm and dampness block qi.

Herbs: Si Ni San and Ban Xia Hou Po Tang plus.

Everything has been improved after 5 days and she asked for more herbs. After another 2 weeks of taking herbs, she was back to normal.


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