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Case 1: Male, 20 years old.

He came to see me for neck pain. After the acupuncture treatment, he said he had eczema in his chelidon and they flared up recently. He showed me there were very itchy ,dark, big patches in Right side and smaller one in Left side. No sweat. Normal bowel movement. Yellow urine. I gave him Fang Feng Tong Sheng San 100g in powder, Twice a day. a week later at his next visit, eczema in his elbow has almost disappeared. But he said he had more bowel movement even like diarrhea while he took the herbs.

Diarrhea might be the side effect of Fang Feng Tong Sheng San for some people if there is no problem with bowel movement because of some ingredient in it. Normally we need adjust herbs according to patients’ condition so it will not cause any problem. But for the granule formula, we cannot take some ingredient out. However, I will try to make formula from mix single herbs so can make sure there is no such ingredient in it or give raw herbs which can avoid such a problem.

Case 2: Eczema on palms of hands and soles and side of feet for a month.

Female, 59 years old

She had an allergic reaction to something topical (a cream or maybe athletes foot (tinea fungus) and developed a very itchy rash and cracked skin on the sole of her left foot. The itchiness started to spread to the palm of her Left hand.

she developed an infection on the skin of her left foot and was required to take antibiotics for a staph infection for 7 days. The skin where the initial rash was on her left foot has become thickened, no longer itchy. She has developed a very itchy rash on both palms of her hands and still has itchiness on parts of her Left foot and to a lesser extent her right foot.

The itchiness is keeping her awake at night. The steroid cream and the antihistamines the physician have prescribed are not helping. she is also taking CBD oil (THC free) and 1/2 a sleeping pill to try to help her sleep.

itchiness related to an unknown irritant. Heat aggravates it, cold and ice relieves it. Antifungal cream - no effect, steroid cream - no affect, antihistamine - no affect, over the counter eczema cream - moisturizes, relieves cracked skin short term.

She had an acupuncture treatment and got some raw herbs for soaking her hands and feet. A week later, I gave her an email to ask how she was doing and she said “The bark provided me a lot of relief and the blisters/rash had significantly cleared up in about 3 days.”


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