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Gan Mai Da Zao Tang Syndrome

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang was first in Jin Gui Yao Lue (a classic medical book was written by Zhang Zhong Jing for treating Zang Zao, in which female patients feel sadness, tend to cry, lose interest and focus, yawn frequently.

There are only 3 types of herbs in this formula: Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. (licorice), Triticum aestivum L. (wheat) and Zizphus jujuba Mill. (jujube).

This formula is commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, menopause syndrome etc. In those condition, patients present symptoms like mood change, crying or laughing for no reason, no interest, spirit loss against a background of deficiency (which may be Qi or Blood). This formula can be used alone but is more often added to other formula.

Case 1: Female, 52ysd. She has been felt very sad over a year since her husband passed away. She has no interest in anything in her life. She has cried all the time and she cried while she was seeing me at her first appointment. She also kept forgetting things. She did not sleep well. Her pulse was weak and her tongue was pale. I gave her acupuncture treatment and herbs: Gan Mai Da Zao Tang 100g. She felt much better when she came to her second appointment a week later. She started to sleep, eat, work with happier and more interest in her life. She continued seeing me about one month with once a week and took the herbs. Then she was back to normal life.

Antidepressant-like effects of Gan-Mai-Dazao-Tang via monoamine regulatory pathways on forced swimming test in rats


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