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Interstitial Cystitis 2 years and flare up 2 weeks

Female, 30 yeas old

Interstitial Cystitis for 2 years. Urinary urgency and burning while urinating. Caffeine, spices, stress are all possible triggers and nothing to relieves it. Other symptoms accompanied with this condition are: Insomnia when the pain is bad. During the flare, the burning pain is several and can last all day. She has not been treated for it yet. She is waiting to go to a urologist who will have to rule out other conditions.

Current symptoms: frequent urination can be over 20 times in a day and night. Had very strong burning pain in the last 2 weeks. Urine is quite dark with a little bit blood in the urine. Really hot and sweat at night. Dry mouth, very thirsty all the time. Usually constipated with little ball stool. Regular menstruation cycle , very heavy bleeding with very dark blood and clots in it, cramping in the first 2 days and feel dizzy, even vomiting before periods.

TCM diagnosis: Blood stasis in the lower energizer

Acupuncture: ba liao/xiao ba liao, twice a week

Herbs: Tao He Cheng Qi Tang plus Zhu Ling Tang

Her pain has been gone down and urine less urgent and frequent after the first visit, and with every treatment. After 2 sessions of acupuncture treatment with herbs, her pain has gone down to 2 and only had urination once at night. After 4 sessions of treatment, we stopped the treatment. 2 weeks later, I email her to follow up how she has been doing. She said no pain at all and everything's fine.


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